oh dear

Hmmm, this updating thing is just not happening. Can I blame winter? Because it’s bloody FREEZING. I feel I can also blame the fact I’ve just worked twelve straight days in a row, including all three days of a long weekend, which: SUCK. I mean, it’s my job and I knew it was coming and I’ll get days in lieu, but still. And it was freezing then as well, to boot. Anyway, I’m still waiting on my co-worker’s photos of our overseas trip (which are way better than mine, given that he had no qualms about winding down the car window and taking photos of people, which I felt a bit Colonial Imperialist about) so no photos of that yet. Instead, look at Some Things I Bought:

No, I don’t have a maltese. This cost me 20c and I paid 50c at a sort of giant garage sale/market, and the nice man running the stall then followed me round the hall to try to return 30c to me, bless him. I should have bought the other wine glasses that were “Best of Breed, Canberra KCC” but I’ve never been to Canberra. I’ve never had a maltese either, come to think of it, but that didn’t stop me buying this one. I like the angry little expression on his angry little face.

Speaking of angry little dogs (or… not), here is the Brown Dog in his new dog bed. A week ago, Mr. T was seized by the notion that the Brown Dog was cold at night, and nothing would do but that I buy him a dog bed on ebay. Putting aside the fact this dog has never been cold in his life (he lies down on snow – SNOW – and then licks his bollocks) he also does not take well to beds or mats, preferring instead to sprawl out all over the floor. However, most mornings when we’ve woken up we’ve found him curled up in the bed; so maybe he’s onto something. Next thing, he’ll be wanting to get him a little coat. Might as well get a maltese, then.

NYERH. I scorn your maltese suggestion.

3 comments to oh dear

  • Twelve straight days including the Queen’s Birthday is total suck. I hope you drank plenty of tea to alleviate the pain.

    I’ve been to Canberra, actually I was born there. It’s nice in autumn. But even colder than how frigid Melbourne is at the moment. Now you know.

  • I’m loving how you’re staying in touch with the canine world via trophy glasses! Can’t wait for the photos!

  • Do you suppose I could borrow Brown Dog…we are seriously short of good ‘doggage’ here.

"Make a remark," said the Red Queen: "Its ridiculous to leave all conversation to the pudding!"




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