I have good intentions here, I really do. But it’s dark so early and there’s so much work to do at work and I don’t get home until late and I don’t feel all that interesting, most of the time. Also I’m about to go interstate for a week which will leave another hole in this here blog thing.

What’s been going on? Death, that’s what.

  • Michael Jackson. I can honestly say I have no emotion about this at all. I liked his music when I was a kid, and he was a good dancer, but he was a nutbar. I felt a bit sorry for him, to be honest; like he was surrounded by yes-men who would never straight-up tell him that his behaviour was not childlike and innocent but instead weird and creepy.
  • Farrah. Nice lady. Cancer’s a bummer. But she was a bit before my time, so she never really impinged upon my consciousness. I liked her style and her guts, but again, she’s a stranger.
  • My grey cat, who was hit by a car and killed on Wednesday. I am heartbroken, we are all heartbroken, so much so that I would not even mention it here, except that you would notice the lack of photos of him. I’m sorry little grey.

Argh. Sucks, right? I feel as if I’m constantly bummering people out at the moment. I have now taken a short break to compose myself and I am back. Would you like to hear about my wedding instead? Of course you would. You may even be judgemental if you like (and I feel bad that you feel bad about my cat so I have now added in links to add to your judgy pleasure). Please, I would appreciate the judgementalness. Everyone bends over backward to love everything I’m suggesting, then when I finally pick one everyone is like, “oh yes that is definitely the best choice. I didn’t like the other choices at all.” Well then you should have SAID SO when I was trying to make a CHOICE. It would have been HELPFUL. Anyway. Turns out almost all the Australians we’ve invited are coming over (crazy. Wow. CRAZY.) and we are extremely pleased and excited, but I’m sort of apologetic that the wedding is therefore so… non-weddingy. I think as some sort of compensation, I’ve gone super-weddingy with the dress. Anyway:

  • Date is set, in October. Yes, that’s 6 months from engagement to wedding. Apparently this is weird. Or even insane, according to the eyebrows of one wedding dress consultant, which raised so high they disappeared into her hairline and nearly slid over the top of her skull. You may also judge, but probably with less skill.
  • Booked: Restaurant for reception (ensures no bridal table, first dance, bouquet toss or cringe-worthy garter thing), photographer, celebrant (probably). I know that ‘probably’ looks bad so feel free to judge on this point.
  • Invitations: from Etsy, being printed and shipped this week. I would have preferred to get this done locally (for shipping costs and my shitty exchange rate alone) but I really loved this design. Feel free to judge, especially the line about cake… I have had multiple questions and blank looks about it. Look, WE think we’re funny.
  • Dress: selected and about to be ordered from obscure Chinese website, once they send me a sample of the fabric (it’s ivory, not the very fetching silver in the link). Yes, I am getting a dress copied. It wasn’t so much the cost (although, really, that helped) but more the fact they can get it to me in a month; all the stores want sixteen weeks to order in a dress. I don’t have that amount of time (see: gravitating eyebrows, above, before I learned to tell them my wedding was in February 2010). So basically I used Melbourne’s premier bridal boutiques as a trying-on facility and was never likely to spend my money there. Judge away!
  • Ring: designed (modified slightly from original ring) and ordered yesterday. All the money ‘saved’ on the dress went directly into the ring. Don’t tell Mr T, who thinks it was just ‘saved’. Judging potential: it’s got a gap in it (a gap! in our loooove!) and I’m only having one ring, so no engagement ring at all. Quelle horreur.
  • Shoes: Barefoot or flat shoes in the sand, then turquoise blue heels bought from the DFO outlet mall for $29. Blue! Continue to judge!
  • Jewellery: Earrings bought for $5 from, um, one of those mall chain jewellery shops. The judging! It burrrrns!

Are we done? I think we’re done. I’ll give you more opportunities to judge as it happens, I’m sure. Feel free to be backhanded in your judging, like, “It’s so nice you feel secure enough to wear coloured sandals, when an elegant ivory shoe would be such a lovely choice!”

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  • I am so sorry to hear about your cat. I would be devestated if my kitty left me. And yup re MJ and FF – I have Real Life Things to be sad about, rather than someone I’ve never met or cared for.

    Re the wedding: you go do what you like! I love the shoes and wanted blue high heels myself. We eloped in April and got married on April Fool’s Day so it was hardly a “traditional” wedding but now, 3 months later, we are just as married as my friends who spent $20,000 on a trad white wedding.

    I wish I’d kept a list of the blank looks and standard comments that we got about our wedding, so perhaps do that over the next 6 months? It’s funny to look back on ;). And our rings are very nontrad as well but I love looking at them every day.

  • Ooooh! Free cake!!

  • I don’t even like cats, and your news made me much sadder than MJ and FF combined. I’m sorry. Losing little heartbeats about the house is just awful.

  • I’m so sorry about your little cat and I hope the ginger one is not feeling it.

    I like the sound of your plans and I know what you mean about when people accept invitiations to weddings a long way away.

  • So sorry about your kitty. The celebs? Yeah, that’s sad but whatever. But to lose a kitty is tragic.

    I think the ‘free cake’ line is funny. I’d totally come crash it if you didn’t blur out the details … uh, if it didn’t involve a really long and expensive flight :)

    Your ring and dress choices are beautiful. And I love the shoes. You do need something blue, after all. I was actually disappointed that the salon didn’t have blue nail polish when I went in for my pre-wedding pedicure!

  • I am far sadder about your beautiful grey kitty (and this is surprising to me considering he was a cat I’ve never met owned by a person I’ve never met but I do feel very sad for you) than I could ever be about the nutbar.

    No judging going on from my side about your wedding, just open-mouthed awe at your organisational skills. The *Free Cake* is an inspired touch.

  • Bernice

    The grey cat matters because the deaths we know matter – the rest are just spectacle.

    And go the wedding – jesus I can’t even organise a weekend away… and the NZ economy will thank you. Blessings upon you both.

  • Karl

    Sorry to hear about the grey cat. The wife (who is allergic) says the only good cat is a dead cat, but that is WAY too extreme in my book. Your cat was a cutie, bummer that it bought the farm.

    As for the wedding stuff … it’s a party, right? It’s to have fun, right? I liked the “free cake” bit. My theory is that people who focus too much on the wedding are opening themselves to an early divorce. It all looks great to me, especially the dress (nice), and if someone doesn’t like what you are doing, piss on ’em…

  • I’m just crushed over the grey kitty…and I know you are too…sniff.

    As for the judges, well, you just remind them that its YOUR day and then tell them just where to stick it! It doesnt matter if we or they like your plans, only that you do. For the record though I love it all…and the dress? Very HUBBA HUBBA!

  • Yay yay yay! We also had 6mths from engagement to wedding and it was WONDERFUL. I bought a dress off the rack at a local wedding dress shop that was having a clearance sale, we made out invitations and it didn’t feel rushed at all. Enjoy it! And the shoes are wonderful, besides a bride needs to wear something blue, right?

  • Nishah

    My condolences over your cat. Losing a pet is awful, and losing one to something that could have been avoided is hell :(

    Loved the card, and died laughing over the cake line. If you get any responses saying they’re only coming for the cake, make sure they get double portions ^_^ The dress is so pretty!!! Very glam, and will look oh so nice on the san. I half expected to see a puff-frou-frou-billowy dress when you said you were going super wedding-y and was so glad you didn’t.

    Hope everything keeps on going well for the wedding. All the best!

  • Oh! Poor kitty! I’m so sorry.

    Wedding stuff…I love, love, LOVE the dress. Gorgeous. Invitations = awesome. Ring = pretty. I really like the simplicity of it. Shoes = perfect. We only had a six month engagement too and I was young and went for super weddingy-fussy. My poor mother, much of the burden fell on her. I think it’s all going to look great and if I didn’t live on the other side of the world I’d be tempted to crash for free cake. What’s the cake going to look like, btw?

  • I’m just feel a teensy bit let down that there aren’t more frills on the dress. I think there’s a wasted ‘fire moment’ there. Trully. [your ring is lovely – bold and delicate together].

  • Mal

    Sorry about your cat :(

  • So sad to read of your dear grey cat… I hope you are doing okay.

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