Well I have none of the photos we discussed recently; that’s just the sort of continuity expertise I’ve got going on over here. Look, there’s no point in being jealous. Also, speaking of continuity, I have finished the Aldi breakfast cereal mentioned over there —> in the sidebar. By the end of the packet I had remembered why I don’t like cereal; the flake things scratched the roof of my mouth, and there’s never the right ratio of nice bits to not-nice bits, and when I left the bowl of milk dregs sitting on my desk at work all day (something I did, sadly, extremely often) the milk practically solidified into a revolting remnant-filled pannacotta. What is IN cereal? I probably don’t want to know. So now I’m back to not liking cereal, apart from porridge, which doesn’t count.

Actually I’m feeling a little bit sick at the moment, not due to cereal I’m sure, but possibly due to cleaning all the old paint splatters off my ensuite bathroom window this afternoon. Not splattered from ME; they were there when we bought the house. And now, some 18 months in, I’ve decided to do something about it since they shit me every time I see them, which is twice a day minimum, which is a lot of built up irritation right there. Anyway, turns out the paint spatters are NOT on the outside as I thought; they are on the inside. So I spent a frustrating half hour with a bottle of turps and a safety pin, alternately rubbing hundreds of tiny paint spatters then scratching at them with the pin. And apparently being trapped in a tiny bathroom with a bottle of turps will give you a  headache. Hey, it’s not like I could open the window; because a) I was scratching at it with a pin, and b) it’s locked and we can’t find its key. Anyway, the window now looks MAHvellous, or at least at marvelous as a brown aluminium-framed window can look. There’s no photos of that either; think of a window. There, isn’t that nice?

Anyway, what I do have a photo of, and I had forgotten all about it, is this:

I know! A herd of bunnies! With little love-heart pockets on their bums! I made these several months ago as part of the toy collection for the Victorian bushfire appeals. Livebird did the same, but she remembered to post photos at a decent interval; please note she made multiple toys, with actual arms and legs and EYES, with carefully chosen fabric combinations. Whereas my inspiration was pretty much: OMG BUNNIES!!!1!11!!


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  • I’ve recently started eating cereal again (as recently as yesterday). I’ve found the only one i like is Just Right. But perhaps that’s due to my obsession with dried apricots.

    Bunnies look great :) I wish I could sew.


    My boss kept telling me that when I was in Melbourne, I should go to Aldi. And then was devo when I didn’t. Is it some sort of miracle mecca of shopping bliss? I am vaguely bewildered by the excitement.

  • OMG, bunnies! I love them!

  • They are gorgeous! No…..not gorgeous……adorable! No……not adorable……..cuddleable! Is that a word? It should be a word.

  • Mal

    Hiya. Hope you’ve had a good week, and things are going well with all your upcoming plans.

  • Cutest friggin things ever! And congrats on the window; clearing (no pun intended) up those things that annoy you everytime you see them is a wonderful feeling!

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