I don’t know why I feel like if there’s no photo, there’s no point in posting. Why, when I started this here blog thing, back in the mists of time when I was typing on a DESKTOP missy, and none of your flat screen LCD monitors either, this was OLD SCHOOL, and… wait, where was I? Right, yes, back in the mists of time. Then, along with my peeps King Arthur and Run DMC, I very rarely posted photos. And now it seems I feel odd posting without one. Do you need the photos? You’ll come for just the whining, right? I mean, I can TAKE photos. Right now your choices are:

a) Orange cat stretched out to a ridiculous long noodle-like length beside me, down the side of the couch

b) The Roomba, newly revitalised with clean sensors and a new battery (yeah, my Roomba stopped working. Didn’t help that I used to have this grey cat who loved to stand on top of it and move his paws until he hit the Power button, then jump aside and watch with fascination as the Roomba reversed… then stopped, see: new battery above)

c) Mr. T sitting in front of me on the ottoman, drinking a bottle of water and watching Prison Break (note we do not watch Prison Break and I had to ask what program it was) (now he is mocking me typing, which I can do without looking at the screen, thank you fifth form shorthand/typing elective) (now he is back on the couch and seeing how long and noodle-y he can stretch out the orange cat) (LIVEBLOGGING, PEOPLE! Quick! To my neglected Twitter!)

d) No photos of the Brown Dog possible as he has put himself to bed in our bedroom and it is COLD up that end of the house and I’m not going there (at least until Mr. T goes to bed and warms it up to an acceptable level, ie. frost no longer visible on the sheets)

e) Two empty teacups on the side table beside me (let’s not also discuss the empty chocolate biscuit packet also on that table; hey, they lasted A LONG TIME, almost a WEEK even)

    Right, wait, what was I talking about? No photos, that’s it. Aaand… instead I’ve discussed the photos I didn’t take. This is SO MUCH better.

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    "Make a remark," said the Red Queen: "Its ridiculous to leave all conversation to the pudding!"




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