i just give and give to you people

[Ed Note: I remembered I wanted to take photos right on dusk, and ran out to my back yard with a giant wedding dress and a camera. You’re WELCOME.]

Why, I just happened to be walking past your clothesline here and I noticed this charming wedding dress taking the air most modestly. That is a lovely ivory colour, and a very flattering cut if I may be so bold. And is that a demure sparkling jewel at the bodice?

Let me come a little closer, the better to admire your decolletAAAAAH! AHHH. Ah. Pray excuse me. I was… startled. Is that… please permit me to examine…

A new species! The  are not usually so LARGE and full of ARMS, you know. Why, one would think it was aiming to take over the world, beginning right here by devouring your chest.

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"Make a remark," said the Red Queen: "Its ridiculous to leave all conversation to the pudding!"




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