get in mah belleh

OK, so I go back to New Zealand tomorrow for a week of (I presume) frenetic activity and rushing around. Yay! I am totally organised, in that everything that needs to be done is written on index cards. I mean, I still have to DO these things, or get others to do these things, but apart from that it’s smooth sailing. Right? What could go wrong?   *crickets*

Car Update: Picked up the new car on Saturday morning. I am a bit eh on cars normally (actual conversation: “What sort of car are you getting?” “A grey one.”) but turns out I really like this one. Which is good, because now I’m stuck with it. It’s going to live at work while we’re away, so that it is nicely locked away and undercover. And I’ve only stalled it three times so far! (I never stall cars usually, but the clutch on this one is much, um, zippier than the Land Rover. Yes, “zippier” is a technical car term.)

Breakfast Update: I made (heavily modified) dutch babies for Sunday morning brunch. This may be the third week in a row I have done this; I neither confirm nor deny. They are like gigantic fluffy pancakes, but really they’re half-pancake, half-omelette. Anyway, I opened the oven door to take a photo of them, like so:

Aaaaaand all the condensation whooshed out of the oven and steamed up my camera lens, like so:

Oh, there’s the roof of the New Car out in the driveway. And no, my kitchen doesn’t usually look like it’s clearing from a morning mist; I am clearly a photographic genius. However, I am a genius with A DELICIOUS BREAKFAST, which counts for something.

3 comments to get in mah belleh

  • louise

    Best of luck in New Zealand. I’m with you, once a list is written the job is halfway finished. Oh and your brunch looks delicious.

  • Mal

    Hope your time in NZ was a positive one for you guys. Enjoy :)

  • Susan

    I love those kind of pancakes! My mother makes them (has since I was a little girl) and calls them Continental Pancakes–because they originate from Europe? I don’t know. She puts insane amounts of butter all over the, sprinkles with powder sugar and roles them up. Is that how you do yours–the massively fattening way?

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