Oh hai! I’m back. And now I’m married, and EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED. No. Not really. Nothing has changed. I have more dresses, is all. It was a great day, we had fun, the rain held off (all you can ask of New Zealand, really) and I didn’t cry. I was really worried about crying. Turns out my sister cried and I didn’t. I call that a win!

Up until yesterday I had nary a photo; I remember being there, but had no evidence. I have a few now from the photographer and from friends.

This should give you some idea of our weather, although this is way enhanced; also that we often take walks atop volcanoes whilst formally dressed. What? You don’t? I recommend it. I may do it again this Sunday (although the dearth of volcanoes in Melbourne may be an issue).

This photo, or variations of it, was taken all day. This shot particularly amuses me because without our heads I feel like I’m wearing a nightie. This is stolen directly from a friend’s Facebook page… ah, social media.

And although I’m glad the day is over (I was never one to moon over a wedding, this is probably obvious by now) I’m really glad we did it – we had fun, our families enjoyed it, we got to see a lot of our old friends again, and we got some great jewellery. And look! That’s real grass we’re standing on in that photo up there! And when I walked across my parent’s lawn to take a shortcut into the house, IT SQUELCHED. Naturally waterlogged grass. What’s next? Unicorns?

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  • Mal

    The most hugest congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh congratulations! Ace photos, especially the shoe shot. Actually I REALLY like Mister T’s shoes. Yours are very pretty but I rarely wear heels whereas the painted sneakers/converse/ groovy brand of comfort shoe whose name I don’t know are awesome.

    Glad it went well. And so you’re a Missus now.

  • Nothing much to say that I’m sure hasn’t been said already many times. Congratulations and the best of luck for your life together. Mr T is an incredibly lucky man – but I’m sure he knows that!

  • Bernice

    Congratulations – rather like the NZ wedding tradition of volcano walking.

    Small belated wedding present –

    Use it with care; and I mean on the blog – new spouses need a couple of years of breaking in before exposure.

  • Elie

    The first picture looks like some form of magical fantasy/wonderland. I like it ^_^

  • Love the shoes, how fun! And that first photo is gorgeous. Congratulations!

  • That’s not a wedding! That’s a toga party on Middle-earth!

  • Yay! Congratulations and all that. Love the shoes.

  • louise

    Congratulations, looks like a lovely day was had by all.

  • I just got caught up. Three dresses, eh? What are you supposed to do with all of them – make a lot of satiny curtains? You could sell the starfish one to someone having a theme wedding.

    Congratulations on getting married – people used to ask me ‘so, how does it feel being married’ ALL THE TIME after the Mister and I got married. Or they would ask me if everything had changed and then I would tell them about how sex hurt so much more on the wedding night than I expected and how I passed out from all the blood as I handed them their grande caramel macchiato (which I can’t spell and am not looking up). Obvs. I was working at Starbucks when I got married and would get annoyed at the innane small talk people put me through all day long. And then I would laugh at their shocked faces and roll my eyes because we had been living together and, you know, this isn’t the 50s. And that’s my story. OH and I just got a new car too because my old one had to be put to sleep.

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