Well, you know. Clearly I am now consumed by wifely duties and cannot be on the computer all that much; duties like, uh, cleaning maybe? Playing the piano charmingly for our guests? Procreating? Well, since none of these things are happening (DUST BALL FIGHT in the hallway, get your tickets now!) clearly it must be the Laziness. Yes. Also add now the Heat, which always takes me by surprise. I sort of still expect NZ-style seasons, where there is an actual spring, and it’s rainy and then gradually gets warmer and sunnier; Melbourne goes straight from Winter Brrrr to full on It’s 29 Degrees and Blazingly Hot, sometimes in the same week. So today it’s 29 degrees and blazingly hot, and I am left bemusedly pushing aside the pile of trackpants and fleece to get to the shorts. It’s like a clothing exploration.

We have been adding to the family, of course, since we are now married. For this I completely blame livebird, who has the tantalising link to the Save A Dog website on her sidebar. So yes, see the new recruit below:

He is about 9 months old and settling in nicely. We got him because a) AWWWW! and also b) we thought the Orange Cat would like some animal company back in his life. Well, company that does not involve being chased into a corner by a large loving dog and then licked repeatedly. So we bought this new cat home, and after several days introduced the cats to each other in person (they had previously looked at each other through the glass sliding door and been calm and interested). The Orange Cat, my sociable cat, promptly hissed, threw his ears back and chased the new cat the length of the house. NOT an auspicious start. However, now they are out in the courtyard together in the Blazing Heat, and I caught the Orange Cat licking the New Cat’s head last night. So all is well. And the dog, who is now a master of meeting new cats, is getting there; the new cat is not scared of him, and the dog is controlling his impulse to pick up the new cat by the scruff and bring him back to his dogbed and mother him intently. (My dog is a wuss.) He is not the Grey Cat, who was quirky and funny and headstrong; but he is his own cat and we are glad to have him.


I don’t know what you’re talking about. Butter would not melt in my mouth.

New Cat’s markings. Also his name.

Meaning to say he did not choose

The Fionavar Tapestry trilogy. Yes I am crying, I always do. Shut up I will cut you.

The high-pitched broken-hearted whining of a dog whose cats won’t play with him.

District 9. Prawns! Now I’m hungry.

Chicken schnitzel rolls from the chicken schnitzel roll place on Bridge Road. This is very bad and must stop. They KNOW MY NAME.

The large sun visors in my new car. Yes, I have simple pleasures. And I am short.

How close IS Christmas, exactly? It seems very far away but I know that is a LIE.