sea legs

My god, you guys, having a puppy is HARD. And tiring. I do the late-night shift, and Mr. T does the early morning shift (which has been as early as 5.30am, not that I am awake for this). However, Brown Pup remains very cute and – surprisingly – super-good. He knows to walk outside to go to the toilet, and you may remember we have carpet. This alone makes him Awesome. He hasn’t had all his vaccinations yet which means we can’t take him for a walk (and anyway, he’s like a tiny bear with stumpy legs and can’t walk all that well anyway). So we’ve been taking him down to the beach at very low tide, where no other dogs have been. Mr T carries him, we walk miles out to the sandbars and let him loose. Behold the 10-second wonder below:

The grace! The co-ordination! The way my husband runs to check on his welfare! The way I just keep filming! We’re all at our best here, clearly.

3 comments to sea legs

  • Bwahahahaha!

    Wha? Isnt that why we have dogs? To laugh at them?

  • Bernice

    Sat watching the then partner’s dog run up a very long deserted wild and windy beach, find a garbage bin lid among the flotsam, then ran back up the beach with the lid blowing upright before the dog’s face in the wind. And with all of the universe’s inevitability, slam into the only object on the entire beach and knock herself out.

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