travelling jac

… and then what happened?

O HAI. Yes, I disappeared. Sorry about that. Well, not really, because I was on holiday. Yay! Holiday! We went to the USA and Canada. Have I mentioned this trip? I can’t even remember. Anyway, Mr. T had a conference in Dallas and so we used his free flight as an excuse to poke around in the northern hemisphere. As such, I flew into Seattle as his conference finished and he flew up and met me there. Then we went all round Washington and Oregon states, then up to Canada: Vancouver, Whistler, Banff and Jasper. It was great. Well, of course it was; it was a holiday. I have only one camera downloaded so far, which is the Good Camera, so it has all the scenic shots, like so:

I know. I would like to be back there right now. Maligne Lake in Canada. Sigh. Usually it’s bluer and, you know, waterier; but I am from New Zealand and beautiful lakes are everywhere. Beautiful FROZEN lakes, however, are a total novelty to me and I LOVED them.

Anyway, I’m back, the house is a bombsite, the cats are back from the cattery and they are freaked THE HELL out. Also they smell like bleach. That’s a good thing, I’m thinking, as the place is clearly scrubbed to within an inch of its life; however I hope they weren’t actually bleaching the cats. I mean, the ginger one could do with a bit more blonde, but that’s a bit extreme.

More updates to follow, once I get my A into G and shake this jetlag. How have you been, internet?

Their shoes were clean and neat–

Guidebooks and the TomTom screen. Turn left. LEFT!

Mr. T’s endless CD of mp3’s in the rental car. Yes, there is such a thing as too much Guns N Roses.

Elk! Snow! Deer! Chipmunks! Mountains!

Twinkies! (Note to self: Still don’t like Twinkies. Stop eating them.)

Cheesecake pancakes counts as birthday cake, right? That’s TWO types of cake, practically.

Ah, holidays. If work didn’t pay me, I’d never go. Which is sort of the point, I guess.