travelling jac

… and then what happened?

O HAI. Yes, I disappeared. Sorry about that. Well, not really, because I was on holiday. Yay! Holiday! We went to the USA and Canada. Have I mentioned this trip? I can’t even remember. Anyway, Mr. T had a conference in Dallas and so we used his free flight as an excuse to poke around in the northern hemisphere. As such, I flew into Seattle as his conference finished and he flew up and met me there. Then we went all round Washington and Oregon states, then up to Canada: Vancouver, Whistler, Banff and Jasper. It was great. Well, of course it was; it was a holiday. I have only one camera downloaded so far, which is the Good Camera, so it has all the scenic shots, like so:

I know. I would like to be back there right now. Maligne Lake in Canada. Sigh. Usually it’s bluer and, you know, waterier; but I am from New Zealand and beautiful lakes are everywhere. Beautiful FROZEN lakes, however, are a total novelty to me and I LOVED them.

Anyway, I’m back, the house is a bombsite, the cats are back from the cattery and they are freaked THE HELL out. Also they smell like bleach. That’s a good thing, I’m thinking, as the place is clearly scrubbed to within an inch of its life; however I hope they weren’t actually bleaching the cats. I mean, the ginger one could do with a bit more blonde, but that’s a bit extreme.

More updates to follow, once I get my A into G and shake this jetlag. How have you been, internet?

7 comments to travelling jac

  • So glad you had a good time, I cant wait to hear all the tales!

  • sarah

    Looks like you had an awesome time, I’m very jealous. I want to live in Canada.

    Things on my side of the internet are bleh, but I have the big Nationals this weekend which is kind of exciting.

  • Oooh, did Hugo go too? You mention only the cats. Why were we not offered puppysitting? Squid would have liked a large boistrous chum, and I do think my house has been tediously intact since she stopped chewing things.

    But really, holiday! Nice!

  • Wow that frozen lake. Spec-tak-clear.

  • Ohh you were in Canada! Thats awesome! If only you made it as far as the east coast! Hope you enjoyed the northern hemisphere

  • It’s weird to think that you were so close to me! Did you fly into Calgary and then drive to Banff and Jasper? I could have played hostess for a day (if my swelling pregnancy girth allowed it). I never get tired of the view of the mountains around here – so glad you had a wonderful trip.

  • And that damn dawg? Is he back??? Need photos. Badly.

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