Oh look! It’s the tiny cute puppy we have living here. Did you miss him? Did you feed him? No, really, did you? because he is HUGE.


Pssht, you say. He’s only about the size of that cat. That admittedly, fat and fluffy cat. Practically chihuahua-sized, that dog.

The cat, by the way, is sitting in a plant pot, being overgrown by the lawn. Well, more of a triffid than a lawn there, I’ll admit. Triffids everywhere around here. Apparently it rained while we were away and the lawn enjoyed it. Anyway, back to the puppy. I don’t think I can call him a puppy any more. He is more like a Little Dog. The perspective of the cat is skewing my data.


Also note the triffid lawn has not been consistent and has left charming dry spots intermingled with muddy spots. Guess who likes the muddy spots. No, guess. He’s the one with the sheepish grin on his face. OK, sorry, I didn’t let you guess. I’ll do better next time.


When you look at him compared to Mr. T, you can start to realise several things:
1. This puppy is six months old and the size of a border collie
3. Wait, go back to the first part, I wasn’t paying attention… BORDER COLLIE. Jesus.

Anyway, in summary, the Little Dog is back with us and all is well. He was staying with his breeder, and her four Brown Dogs, including his mum and his sister. My one concern about boarding him there was that he wouldn’t want to leave. Not unfounded, considering the fun he had. But leave he did, and slept for about three solid days – all that playing, I’m guessing. And even though he has been growing like a WEED, he is only a little bit taller than his sister, and one of his brothers is taller than him; they’re not lying about the giant breed thing, you know. He is a little bit naughtier (he learned it from the other dogs! All the other ones are naughty, not MINE!) and sort of forgot how to sit and drop… but he is just as happy and gentle and smart as he always was. Just, you know, BIGGER.

And this was odd, because, you know,

“Otherland”, Tad Williams. I think I need some new books.

The puppy muttering and twitching in his sleep. Quite loud, he is.

Huge banks of TVs in electronic shops. Do we need a new TV? Really?

Chicken schnitzel rolls. It’s a sickness.

New cowboy boots! Canada, you have been good to me.

The inherent crapness of traffic. Westgate roadworks, I’m looking at YOU.