OK, so first of all: Let me get my World Cup gloating out of the way early, before my team dies in the arse. MY TEAM IS TOTALLY BEATING YOUR TEAM. How great are the Kiwis going? Aside from the dubious distinction of sending a team called the All Whites to South Africa (I don’t know HOW many times I have had to explain the reasoning behind the name these past two weeks) (the rugby team is the All Blacks, hence the soccer team is the All Whites, the basketball team are the Tall Blacks &c &c to infinity) (and beyond) we are somehow SURVIVING. And Australia is filled with National Angst at the performance of the Socceroos (clearly I don’t come from a place of strength regarding team names, but SRSLY) and are openly supporting the Kiwis as their second team. I don’t need to tell you that the only time a Kiwi will support the Aussies as their second team would be if the Aussies were playing actual card-carrying terrorists who bite the heads off kittens, or maybe the French, so this sudden spirit of Oceania-love has come as quite a surprise to me. Anyway, we are riding the wave of World Cup love in the office. My boss, who is also a Kiwi, has found whatever extension you dial to turn all the desk phones in the office into loudspeakers (like a mini PA system). Today he turned it on and played the iPhone vuvuzela app down the line for a good minute. I don’t know if you’ve tried to work with a loud horn blaring through your phone speaker, so I’ll save you some time: you can’t. Just relax to the soothing sounds. How’s the serenity. (Movie quote to appease the Australians… please don’t kill me! We’re Oceania, remember!)

Speaking of killing me, our work day was also interrupted by a gunman. Yes! Melbourne had a gunman! Now we can truly hold our heads high when compared with other cities around the world. Our gunman absconded into the depths of Richmond, parts of which were duly shut down. Guess which suburb I work in? If it’s not the vuvuzelas, it’s the police helicopters circling maddeningly for a good three hours. Oh, and let’s not forget my boss added to the racket by turning the phone speakers back on and playing iPhone gunshots down the line. Please note the supportive and encouraging environment in which I work. Keeping us on our toes apparently.

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  • sarah

    Your workplace sounds like a hoot, and your boss a nutter! Australia is a lost cause in the World Cup and that is why I have already moved onto Wimbledon tennis where we have some better hopes and prospects of doing a respectable job.

  • Ahahahaha the french.

  • Who is your boss, Peter Hore?

    I am *shocked* to find out the Kiwis wouldn’t support Australia as a second team. Why do you come here if you hate us, why? Srsly though, NZ is a much better team: they had to get through a way harder group to even qualify.

    It is my considered opinion that world cup refs are racist against Australians, there’s no other explanation for it. They’ve met one too many beer-swilling bogan backpacker and are now taking their revenge.

    • jac

      Hee, I think it’s the resentment of the Small and Un-noticed against the Big and Powerful, combined with a strong dose of envy. The US vs Canada! Sydney vs Melbourne! Tale as old as time. But don’t forget we all come together in a universal hate of the referee…

  • It’s been too long since I last stopped by…
    “Make a remark,” said the Red Queen: “Its ridiculous to leave all conversation to the pudding!”
    Was that always there? How could I miss such a well-placed quote?

    Hope you are still enjoying World Cup fever…

"Make a remark," said the Red Queen: "Its ridiculous to leave all conversation to the pudding!"




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