long weekend

We went to Gippsland for the Queen’s Birthday three-day weekend. Did you go? Funny, I didn’t see you there. I did see a Big Dog there:


Honest to god, how big is that dog? 42 kilos, to be exact. He is eating like a sumo wrestler, but at least you can see where the food is going. I haven’t had a puppy before and I have been shocked, SHOCKED at how much he eats. When he’s an adult he will eat about half of his current intake; I feel like I’m trying to keep a teenager in Weetbix.

Anyway, apart from chewing on bottles, we did a bit of motorbike riding. Hard-core motorbike riding. Wait, that should be in caps: HARD-CORE motorbike riding. Also to be said with that echo boom voice. Oh yes. Exhibit A below:

I’m not sure what my favourite thing about this photo is: the delight of Mr. T in wresting this bike from a six year old, or said forlorn six year old in the background. What goes around comes around, and (unsurprisingly) Mr. T cracked his knee on the handlebars very soon afterwards. Hey, at least he didn’t ride it into the dam.

Four other oysters followed them,

Tad Williams “Otherland” series for possibly the tenth time.

To my new shuffle iPod, since I seem to have lost my old Nano. BOO. I loved my old one. At least the new one is still green.

The GIGANTIC new TV. Did we need a new TV? No. Do we have one? Apparently so.

Chocolate covered licorice. The best bit is that everyone else hates it and I NEVER HAVE TO SHARE.

Cups of tea. Especially when someone else makes them for me.

My complete failure to learn the military phonetic alphabet. I am sick of being on the phone and saying “N for… uh… something starting with N… Nicola? No, that’s a name. Nest?” (NOVEMBER, self. November.)