al fresco

This renovating thing has some slight drawbacks. For example, if your laundry is spread from pillar to post, you’ll have to find another place to do, well, the laundry.

Step 1: Find a place with both a tap and a power point.

Step 2: Oh, and a drain.

Step 3: This place should not be the kitchen, directly in front of the sink, as the kitchen tiles are not finished and also the kitchen is then unusable for the length of a wash cycle, which is 1.5 hours.

Step 4: Yes, 1.5 hours. This front loader is 10 years old and likes to take its time. I imagine they’ve got faster over the years.

Step 5: The tap and the drain and the power point, remember?

Step 6: No, not the bathroom either, as it’s also being ripped to bits and currently has no taps. Or power points, come to think of it.

Step 7: We’ll settle for just the tap. And the drain. Don’t you have a tap just outside the laundry door?

Step 8: No.

Step 9: Find the outdoor tap. Not that one in the front garden, there must be another one.

Step 10: On the far corner of the house? Really?

Step 11: Far corner of the house, you say. Which is not undercover. And it’s directly in the middle of a rainy Melbourne winter. When I need 1.5 hours of non-rainy weather per wash cycle.

Step 12: It’s not raining right now GO GO GO. Where’s that long outdoor extension lead?

Step 13: Good thing we’ve got this handcart. I’m sure we’ll be going to hell on it soon.

Step 14: No, wait, that’s a handbasket.

Step 15: Enjoy your al fresco laundry experience! In between rain showers.

Is that a black cloud? Oh crap.

5 comments to al fresco

  • Love it! This is the new ‘it’ thing! Just you wait, everyone in Europe will be doing it and voila! You’re one step ahead of the fashion!

    You’ll be envy of us with our laundry under the house. Three years ago my dad actually walled it in and the little bit of concrete got tiles and a door! The only issue is one is not so inclined to do laundry on a rainy day because you have to go out the front door and around the house to get to the laundry. Results in very wet people and ultra muddy feet. Top load washer holds 6kg and there is a dryer which holds 3kg (and is utterly useless because it spins but no heating actually happens). Our wish list is a new washer/dryer combo transformer laundry fighting machine.

  • Has anyone ever told you about this really cool facility called a laundromat? Take washing in big bag with book or knitting or laptop, find nearby coffee shop for takeaway or if laundromat in respectable area just bugger off to caff for duration of wash cycle. Some gold coins all you need, definitely no taps, drains, powerpoints, extension leads or handcarts. ;)

  • Bernice

    How did the alfresco washing arrangement go over the weekend? I did wonder as the winds got more and more ridiculous on Saturday. Hopefully no really really bad outcomes?

  • Ohh – lovely. Maybe next time it will be easier and faster to just to it by hand in the dog’s water bowl? Ok, maybe not.

    Is it bad that when I read step one my first thought was to wonder why you wanted to make a slide show presentation of your laundry? Powerpoint – oh yeeeeah!!

  • My goodness but you guys are busy! I cant wait to see the finished project (even if you reel like you’ll never get there – heh)

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