white knuckles

I never post links but HOW CAN I NOT?

Am I the last person on earth not to see this video? Are you keeping it from me so I don’t feel bad about how untrained my dog is? … actually, that’s not a bad thing. Very kind of you. But now I have to go find some Ikea and a clicker.

guys, act casual

Oh no. She’s home. She sees us. She’s taking photos because she thinks it’s funny we’re all sitting in the window. God. PAY ATTENTION YOU GUYS. What should we do?

OMG SHE’S COMING IN. OK act cool guys, act cool. Pretend we only just got here.

What? We always sit here together. There’s nothing strange about it whatsoever. Let’s change the subject. Dog, in about ten seconds you are going to get in trouble for standing on the couch and you don’t even have the brains to realise it. DO I HAVE TO THINK OF EVERYTHING.