Photo: Friday

WHY didn’t this post? Goddamit. I’m retrospectively dating this so that it appears on Friday. BECAUSE I CAN.

You may recall Victoria had a locust plague, which barely reached Melbourne. Here is our contribution. Mr T trapped this in a vase because “I thought you might want to see it”. I didn’t, really. But now you have to see it as well.


Photo: Thursday

I startled him, I think. That is quite the teenage glare he’s got going on there.

To reward his bratty behaviour, Mr T made him a new bench. This is supposed to keep him from standing up on the new couch. Time will tell.

I don’t think he MEANT to eat the sand, but he certainly ingested a fair amount.

Photo: Wednesday

Happy Australia Day!
Wednesday is a very strange day to have a public holiday. NOT that I’m complaining.

Here is a caterpillar. I know, right? Is it not big? Is it not brown? Does it not have big pretend-yellow eyes on its bum? I don’t know whether it’s poisonous to touch, but I still feel all righserq3409tulr

Photo: Tuesday

Confusion reigns! We currently have one (1) dog. Our friends also have one (1) dog, specifically a puppy. We imported it from New Zealand for them. It’s just the sort of people we are.

This is the puppy. She is deceptively still in this photo, and is chewing nothing. This happens seldom. Let’s just say my puppy has been a low-maintenance joy in comparison. She’s lovely though. Lucky for her.

We swim together!

The water looks terrible here; it’s filled with silt from the recent storms and rain flooding into the bay.

I climb rocks!

This is a very different beach, down past Lakes Entrance in Victoria; we camped here for New Years. Well, not JUST here. A little bit further inland, funnily enough.

Photo: Monday

OK let’s just post some photos, slowly easing back in. Gentle, now. Eeeeasy does it. Don’t startle the WordPress.

I am a big dog now.

I got neutered. See?

This is like one of those optical illusion photos – you have to squint and sort of cross your eyes to see what’s going on. Unless you are familiar with how dogs sleep, then it will make perfect sense to you.

oh dear

Happy New Year internet! Cue tiny glittery trumpets, and party hats, and party poppers with streamers (and may I say that last New Years Eve, someone set one of those off right in my face. This year they were setting off marine flares. I kept my distance.) I do have lots of photos of my entirely too short summer camping getaway(s), but as aforementioned I have an iPhone and as of about 20 minutes ago I now know how to take screenshots. Cue the text messages between me (walking through Costco, stung with the consumer desire to BUY THINGS ANY THINGS NEW THINGS, and emailing photos of said things to Mr. T); and Mr T (at home in a slightly more rational state of mind). Note Mr. T had previously looked at watches at Costco, so that comment is not entirely out of context.

And this right here sums up our entire relationship.

I should note that for full context (and slightly more value from this blog entry) you have to have seen The Castle. And not just to make sense of this exchange; but because it’s genius. The movie, not the exchange. That’s pretty pedestrian really.

…. This is going to be one of those things that’s only funny to me, isn’t it? Oh well. As usual, I amuse myself. Dog photos on the way, promise!