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God, why I choose to do these things sometimes I have no idea. I have changed hosting and of course nothing moves over as it should, and I just could not be bothered sitting down and fixing it properly. I think I have fixed it properly now… although I wouldn’t put money on it. Well, not my OWN money.

Anyway, now that I’m relatively sure I have this thing back on the rails, hello! Here I am! And as I mentioned earlier at some point, it has been rather low on photos round here because I dropped my camera into wet sand and DID NOT LIKE. So I got another camera and frankly, it was a bad choice. I ended up returning it and getting a better version of what I had originally. I just could not seem to figure out the settings on the first one. Like below, here I am trying to take a self portrait:


Right, so clearly I am not the best at exposure here. But dammit, my other camera didn’t have this problem! The error surely cannot be mine! And then I tried to take another photo, only to have the cat knock over the camera as it was taking the photo. THIS WAS NOT MY FAULT.  Also, YOU CAN PROBABLY SEE WHY I AM TAKING SELF PORTRAITS. I don’t know why CAPS LOCK but it JUST SEEMED APPROPRIATE.


So there you go… some actual news around here. Hence I have been incredibly tired all winter, and I am totally using that as an excuse as to my blogging absence. Although really I can’t complain – no morning sickness, all currently proceeding as it should. In these photos, which were taken on the weekend (along with some better ones, though frankly not MUCH better) I am 36 weeks pregnant, which means 4 weeks to go, which means this thing is primed to go off on 11 December.

Hey, when I give you news, I TOTALLY bring out the big guns.

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  • I knew it! The number of times I have held myself back from saying something!


    Four weeks to go. Blimey. Good luck. It’s just a day out of your life.

    So glad for you and mr T.

    Caroline x

  • Sigh. Another perfectly fabulous blog about dogs and random oddities besmirched by babies. Booooring.


    • jac

      People are concerned about the dog and the germs. I tell them I will wash the baby before I let the dog lick it. Hygiene! It’s important!

  • Kate

    Congraaaaaaaaaats!! So exciting!

  • Wow, congrats! I hope the next four weeks go by quickly for you. I’ll have to stop neglecting my feed reader to make sure I meet your little one :)

  • Laura

    Awesome! And I kinda thought the news might be that! Either that or you got a new iPhone, lol. Seriously, congratulations. You will rock motherhood.

  • Congratulations! You really do bring out the big guns. And the reason you do “these things” that screw up your website is because you are pregnant! I did the exact same thing right before #2 was born. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time and then had me crying to the Mister to fix everything.

  • It’s true, Stomper and Kate were practically taking bets on your due date at the last craft camp.

    Congratulations! I hope the first photo of the baby will be of it in a santa hat. It’s important to start the ritual of seasonal humiliation early.

    • jac

      Oh, there will be humiliation. Have you not seen what I have done to the dog? Babies even MORE so.

      Also, it seems craft camp has WAY LESS CRAFTING and WAY MORE TALKING than I had previously realised. And there were bets? God, nobody even TRIED to bribe me for insider info. Un-Australian.

  • Eeeeee!!! Congratulations to you both. I’m so excited for you.

  • Bloody hell. I forget to read blogs for a while and look what I miss out on! Fingers crossed for you – only 10 days to go! Glad you got your camera fixed so we can get pictures soon after!

    We’re expecting one ourselves, this one due in July :)

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