cute overload

Hi again! I am still here. In fact I am almost always here; here, being the couch. Here, being the internet – not quite so much. I am having to learn to do a lot of things via the iPhone. Yesterday I downloaded a feed reader thing and I can read blogs! At 3.45am! That’s what I want to be doing at that time of the night, for sure! Well, that and playing Words with Friends. Turns out everyone knows the tricksy Q and X words but me. Still! I am nourishing a human and increasing my vocabulary, all at the same time!

I am sorry but I have nothing but photos. And none even of the Frog; he has sadly taken a back seat in the photo department. Actually this is mainly because he has developed the same allergy type thing he had last summer, and is currently in the process of scratching himself bald, so he is rather less photogenic. Admittedly I took photos of him with a giant wound on his head, so maybe photogenicity is not my aim here (is that a word? spellcheck says that isn’t a word. It seems like a word to me) but never mind.


I stick my tongue out at you.

HAAAA I totally stuck my tongue out at you! Did you see?

Three! Ah ah ah! Three different spotty items! I love! To count! And buy dotted things!


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  • Karl

    You appear to not be cognizant of the bonus points you deserve! Most importantly, you haven’t once (unlike my oldest daughter) referred to Her as “the parasite”, even though it’s a superficially accurate description. Take a +20 on your next reproduction…

    Please be assured that nobody cares about the Frog, it’s all about the latest in human-like larvae. Yours has, in addition to traditional girly values, an astonishing head of hair. She seems to be making up for it with front-line-cute arms and hands. The spotty things are your problem, of course … :-)

  • I love it when they sleep!

  • I am overloaded with cute! How gorgeous! What good work you’ve done here!

  • She’s still gorgeous! I am jealous of you guys that have the internet and iphones for middle of the night breastfeeding. Eleven years ago I had to rely on television, middle of the night crap television that I couldn’t bear to watch. Totally UNawesome. I think no.2 occasionally got fed while I sat in front of the computer. Anyway. I fyou need more WWF opponents I am MissCarolineTapDance, but I warn you I know all the tricky Q adn X words.

  • Too cute! I still can’t get over that hair. Pretty soon she’ll have more than me :)

  • When I was breastfeeding back in the middle ages it was all cardboard boxes and uphill both ways in the snow. You young folk have it so easy.

    That wee elf of yours is making me ache with longing.

    ps. that miss caroline whomps everyone at scrabble. it’s demoralising, I warn you.

"Make a remark," said the Red Queen: "Its ridiculous to leave all conversation to the pudding!"




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