Sooooo, this is pretty slack. I have excuses! Well, mostly one excuse. She’s quite small but takes up an inordinate amount of time. Also, it was my birthday and I got an iPad. I thought I would barely use it but as it turns out, it has barely left my hot little hand and I don’t remember the last time I turned the computer on. Totally unprecedented and I have actually changed my Internet workflow to accommodate it. The shame. Therefore I am trying to figure out how to blog via iPad before this thing withers up and dies completely. I now have a little dongle thing which lets me transfer my camera photos (issue 1) and the wordpress app installed (issue 2) and I think I have a way via Instagram to actually post said photos (very major issue 3). Let’s find out, shall we? Also I think I need a keyboard. My hands already feel like they’re crunching up into claws.

Last time we talked, baby Alice looked like this:

Well, usually she is more sort of upright. And although it looks like the Frog has dropped her, in fact I laid her on her side and she raised her leg and arm. Tricksy!

The Hair. You are jealous.

Someone found a cosy place to sleep. I had to put a saucepan in the pram for a week or so until he reluctantly admitted defeat.

Baby Jail! Confined while we helped friends move house. This is last week, Alice is five months old and the hair is finally making a break for it. It all fell out in the bath over about three days… floating on top of the water in a thick layer. I hope it starts growing in again soon as I barely recognise her.

On nom nom.

And this is yesterday at Fed Square in the freezing cold. She has to wear hats now to keep her head warm. Yes, many of the hats have ears. I’m not made of STONE here, people.

So now you’re up to date. It’s all going well and finally my habits of talking to myself in public and pulling ridiculous faces are paying off. The Frog dog is happy with all the company during the day while he maintains his busy sleeping schedule, and walks well with a pram. As shown the Orange Cat is doing less well on the sleeping front but is holding his own. And unfortunately the other cat, who has been turning more and more feral over the past few months until we could barely touch him, met his end on the busy road. I am sick of losing cats so we will be sticking to the one remaining representative from now on. He is a ginger, true, but we have to work with what we’ve got.

6 comments to Slackness

  • You and Mister T have made such a cute bebe there. She’s just gorgeous, hair or not-so-much hair.

    I too have found the ipad to be the enemy of blogging, not to mention facebook scrabble. But I think maybe I’m nearly over the really intense ipad infatuation phase, and ready to occasionally sit out in the freezing computer room and catch up on things. Or you know, read a book.

    I am sorry to hear about the Earl Grey cat. But I laughed at Ginger Meggs in the pram, and the saucepan. Also, I want you to know I’m really not offended by ginger remarks, it’s absolutely fine, truly.

  • Mosh

    She’s beautiful! Can’t wait for ours to put in an appearance in a few weeks :)

    But ditch the iPad and get a proper tablet :-p

  • Alison

    Ok, so I’m one of those people who doesn’t want a kid, but that last picture? Sweet christ, woman! Stop trying to convert me! AAAAHHH cute babyyyy!!

  • Sweet pics of your little one and your pets all happy together doing their thing… and I am finding I now spend more time on instagram quickly posting. Ah, how it all changes.

  • All hats should have ears – all all clothing should either have stripes or polka dots. That’s my expert mom opinion.

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