I KNOW. Just don’t even. It is ridiculous, I fully admit it. I will now ply you with photos so you will forget to be mad at me.

So, you remember this, right? This is where we were at:

Ridiculous expression, check. Tongue out, check. Stripy clothing, check check check.

And this is where we are now:

The tongue is in, but only due to the interestingness of vegemite toast. And spots instead of stripes, but close enough. Please to note the hair is growing back in, a sort of blonde-brown at present, with most odds leaning towards blonde as we head for summer.


And now I now dazzle you with a  general smorgasbord of happenings so you forget I was absent:

Are you my mother?


Wardrobe malfunction


Reading books




Hide and seek


And this little piggy had NONE.